Who is the Filipino millennial entrepreneur?

It’s no rocket science that millennials were indeed raised as better individuals than that of generations past.

They say that the average millennial had been built up by their GenX parents—the more open, understanding and forgiving counterparts of Baby Boomers—wherein their parental approach has caused us to be proud, ambitious and passionate in their chosen endeavors. Yet here we are wondering why we get a lot of bad rep.

In light of the negative energy surrounding millennials, a Time feature described them as ‘lazy, entitled narcissists that have no need for senior supervision, which poses a real problem in the workplace. Our strive for independent success is perceived as a threat to many—simply because we have it so easy, all thanks to technology.

However, this doesn’t necessarily apply to all of us. Entrepreneur says that there are negative millennial qualities that actually works in their favor. These qualities, when infused with a couple celebrated Filipino traits (hospitality and diligence), can actually serve just the right makeup of budding business owners in the country. Here’s why:

1. They challenge tradition but maintains to be sentimental. They don’t like to stick to things when they know it won’t work or there’s a better way will come along. This and coupled with Filipino culture of holding on to sentimental value. They are able to find creative ways to solve problems and at the same time, balancing in cultural or moral values.

2. They are motivated. Pairing the millennial hunger for success and to prove themselves with the Filipino attitude of not wanting to be a burden to anyone, they take strength and motivation rooted deep within themselves. Thus, they just keep going and going no matter what happens around them.

Our strive for independent success is perceived as a threat to many—simply because we have it so easy, all thanks to technology.

3. They learn from example and experience. This generation is all about application more than theory. If they make a mistake, they simply learn from it. This and the Filipino culture of duplicating what they see as success, these young entrepreneurs take notes from their experienced counterparts and simply derive what their next step will be. They’re just not afraid of taking calculated risks, which means they do take risks, but they weigh the pros and cons first before actually executing anything.

4. They are ambitious. Millennials know that they will succeed and Filipinos have always been big dreamers. However, the difference between dreams and goals is the part where they are actually worked on. These “goal diggers” know what they want to achieve and make concrete steps on how to get there.

With time in their hands and the world as their oyster, millennials are also said to be the “driving growth of entrepreneurship”. The claim is made famous by Philippine Star, whose report tells the basic instincts of the young generation consisting of the following: ownership, accountability, innovation and positive impact.

Time mentioned how they are able to emphasize their individuality. They are positive and confident that they will make their marks in the world. And because technology is doing the simple tasks, millennials get to focus on developing ideas. They are visionaries in pursuit of independence because they believe they are a part of a larger picture and that they have something to bring to the world.

Photo courtesy of Tran Mau Tri Tam at StockSnap.io