Offices are now more solutions than pieces of real estate. Here’s Why.

We are living in the era of brave start-ups, and millennials are boldly taking the charge.

That is exactly what we love about Millennials; they are never found wanting when it comes to imagination, persistence, and courage.

While innovation and passion are traits of today’s fresh crop of businessmen, it appears that they suffer a weakness — and it comes in the form of actually setting up their businesses.

Dealing with requirements in business and tax registrations, government permits, accounting and bookkeeping, and office spaces are just a few requirements these youngbloods do not want to face.

Shared office services have lessened the burden on the young businessmen. But an office space is just the beginning.

A recent innovation has evolved from just shared office space – to be a one-stop shop for business solutions called a Venture Studio.

This innovation has reached the Philippines through Ignition, which is among the first one stop shop business solutions firm in the country.

Ignition offers not only shared spaces for daily work and meetings, but also everything needed to kick start a business. That includes regulatory compliance, human resource management, and tax planning, among others.

But going beyond paperwork, Ignition is a community that enables young entrepreneurs to collaborate with one another in promoting the growth of businesses.

“That’s what Ignition is, it’s more than space, it’s more than just services, it’s also a community where you can share your ideas, where you can collaborate with different people,” Ignition CEO Juan Paolo Villonco said.

OPM artist Miguel Escueta, who entered the restaurant business through Frank&Dean, agrees that growth is something businesses should achieve.

“With our partnership with Ignition, I think it will jumpstart that process because we’re gonna have a lot of services, a lot of help to help push things a little further,” Miguel said.

As its community of entrepreneurs continues to grow, Ignition wants to grow into a firm that not only helps maintain one’s business but sustain it as well.

The Ignition Venture Studios is located at the North Penthouse, Marajo Tower in Bonifacio Global City. For inquiries, you may visit their website at or call them at 944 – 6200.