About us

Selfmade is a resource channel for encouraging entrepreneurs and growing business owners in sustaining and expanding their businesses. Selfmade aims to get the modern Filipino to the next milestone in the most efficient way – by reaching out and making a solid connection with them through digital media channels.

The Origins of Selfmade

The story of Selfmade can be traced way, way back when the first Filipino businessman had grown his own riches and success. That could be any time between the birth of the Philippine economy in the 1930s and its exclusivity via imports throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

From being the fifth biggest American market in war-time Manila, the ‘sick man of Asia’ during Martial Law, to the ‘Tiger Cub’ economic transition in the 21st century — the ever-reminiscent Filipino resilience strikes an actionable impression of independence no other can possess. In observation, the Filipino has always been dynamic and flexible in pondering their futures and insights in the industry.

At Selfmade, we are committed to tell the success story of every Filipino as they solve the biggest problems imaginable. Today we provide the most achievable resources for the modern Filipino on how to do things the right way.

Why does Selfmade do what it does?

To say that Selfmade’s movement to empower the modern Filipino is an understatement. Every piece of content on Selfmade is a catalyst for the modern Filipino to reach his full potential in his own right. Whether it’s real-talk advice on lifestyle investments, how to be charismatic and unforgettable, the secrets to landing your dream job or monetizing your hobbies in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The Selfmade reader should walk the talk. He should practice what he preach. He should have an appetite for learning on how to do and live better every day. He should sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.

Because at the heart of Selfmade is the affluent game-changer who knows what it means to become self-sufficient in focusing on their end goal — reinvention through success. Selfmade, much like it’s brand name, identifies with this change and therefore aims to get the modern Filipino reach his next level.