7 Factors That Made Social Media Marketing a Must for Businesses

With 3 billion people in the Internet sphere, the conversion of social media websites as marketing tools was inevitable. From its particularity down to its convenience, social media marketing slowly trampled its traditional counterpart. Here’s why:

Increasing brand awareness

Social media has undeniably become the easiest channel to spread information. This function is perfect for increasing brand awareness through an incorporation of an online version of your services. This can be practical for customers who want to see your products in a detailed manner without having to visit your physical store or shop first.

Real time customer insights

With a faster way to deliver services, suggestions and points to improve on come the fastest way as well. The customers’s insights can be used as benchmarks for innovations and advancements in your services and the company itself.

Rich customer experience

With a detailed program of services and products, social media gives your customers an exemplary experience through their screens. Aside from your products, inquiries can also be welcomed in the websites. This “hospitality” will entice loyalty and eventually build an online community for your brand.


On the technical side, marketing in social media reduces the strenuous weight of sending the message to the target. The traditional way of marketing needs massive physical effort to perfectly highlight the market you want to send the message to. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have features which can help set the target on specific values, mostly on locations. Settings on behaviors and interests can be applied, too. This way, reaching out to your market becomes certain.

Monitoring competitors

The accessibility of social media sure does not work on just two sides. Aside from your company and the market, your competitors have their own channels as well. With this, you can monitor their marketing tactics as a way of strategizing your next step. For example, Jollibee’s viral video series prompted other companies to follow suit – KFC’s Colonel and Goblin advertisement, etc.

Sharing content

The amount of articles and write-ups in the web are way too many to be ignored. Sharing content on your pages can resonate to your market, and can be additional information on what your company is.


Apart from geotargetting, a way to make your brand known is through beneficial partnerships. A prime example can be sponsorships in events and partnership with bloggers than can represent your brand well. This will enable you to yield more effective results by narrowing audiences.

The sponsored articles you see on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the viral videos from your favorite fast food chains, and publicity materials highlighted everywhere are there for reasons not only bordering the goal of attaining virality.

The abovementioned factors are the reasons for this. With the brands that we know which started even before the surge of the internet “giving in” to these innovations, social media marketing has become a must to prosper in the industry.


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