7 local brands who are doing an amazing job on social media

Homegrown brands are looking into social media to gain attention from potential consumers that will positively impact their lifestyles. In fact, a stunning social media presence is the finest go-to solution for companies in forming their respective target audiences.

Meanwhile, social media users have sought the Internet for answers that will complement their life choices as if pining in search for Mr. or Mrs. Right (or maybe just a run through of eligible candidates on Tinder for that quick satisfaction). Whatever the case, digital natives have spawned an alternative way of expressing themselves: looking for social media accounts that correspond to their needs, accounts that will bring value to them in some way.

As you can see, it’s a two-way street. Like relationships, it takes two to tango.

In this post, we look at brands who are taking the conversation to new heights, with a lesser corporate formula to boot in exchange for a friendlier image. Often their content uses humor, soap opera-esque storylines (hashtag hugot) or fresh aesthetics that can make @americanapparelusa’s feed look played out.

Here are the top seven local brands who are killing it on social:

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines (TW/IG: @cbtlph, Facebook)

Week 12 of our #GivingJournal2017Challenge • In your desire to make a dent in the world, don’t neglect your relationships at home—these are our primary relationships. Make the necessary investments to develop a loving and harmonious home environment; this is an investment that will provide incredible returns for yourself and others. • CHALLENGE: As soon as you get home from work or school, set aside all gadgets and distractions, and give your undivided attention to your family members. Spend quality time with them and discover at least one new thing about them and how their day went everyday. • Send your thoughts and stories on the topic through an artwork or an article via brewyourbestyear.com! Featured articles get a P500 gift certificate from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. #brew2017

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As a frequenter on Instagram than on Facebook, you may notice that CBTLPH’s meaningful brand messages are beautifully crafted just like their coffee. Coffee Bean prides itself as an advocate of the ultimate human experience, which is the celebration of life through the company of family and friends. One of the brand’s most innovative campaigns launched in 2016, when CBTLPH opened “Brew Your Best Year” — a community blog of shared creative contributions that can rival the likes of Thought Catalog and Medium.

Sunnies Studios (TW/IG: @sunniesstudios)

Ah, Sunnies. The trendiest eyewear brand that is the brainchild of former American Apparel creatives guru Martine Cajucom, model Georgina Wilson and partners Bea Soriano and Eric Dee, Jr. Even before its launch, Sunnies has attracted a cult-status following, its fans largely (and loosely) coming from pop culture geekery, minimalist ventures, and basic sophistication. And it’s doing an amazing job for its desired aesthetics-focused market thanks to its heavy but eye-pleasing Instagram feed. Sunnies Studios is also home to Sunnies Cafe, an LA-inspired brunch to dinner restaurant that sums up everything the brand is all about: comfort, style and a damn good taste for all things aesthetic.

Fully Booked (TW/IG: @_fullybooked)

Fully Booked is no National Bookstore and doesn’t even come close to Powerbooks. They’re in a league of their own that it’s almost safe to say that they’re the country’s premiere book shop. They breathe pop culture like a drug; anyone who thinks otherwise is bound to get educated. Moreover, bookworms flock like sheep on half-priced weekends, their neatly organized shelves never miss a title and the staff is always very accommodating. Like their top rated reviews from regulars, Fully Booked’s social media strategy reads as though ripped from a John Green classic. With over 375,000 Facebook fans and 77,000 devoted followers to boost, the bookstore truly caters to edgy readers with Tumblr accounts and manic pixie dream-like feeds.

Straightforward Clothing (IG: @straightforward.ph, Facebook)

In a world where standing out is the new normal, dressing down to essential basics is becoming the prestige. This “less is more” approach seems to be Straightforward’s mantra amidst the obnoxious, status-seeking trend of Stussy’s and Stan Smiths. The unisex clothing line uses its Instagram account the way the social medium is supposed to be — crafting a minimalist, casual-forward campaign that defines the label’s identity. That, my friends, is what you call visual storytelling.

WTN: Where-To-Next (IG: @wtn_wheretonext, Facebook)

Where-To-Next is the ultimate journal for the backpacker with writing sensibilities. According to its homepage, WTN is a community of creatives on a journey in introspect. For every travel, there is a story to derive inspiration from in discovering our purpose or passion. WTN understands how restless we become in the pursuit of our goals that we often forget to take a moment, breathe and remind ourselves of the present. Its social media strategy is paired with its distinguished website, which reads more like a blog by a variety of travel writers.

Oishi (TW: @oishi_tweets, Facebook)

Oishi has taken a risky turn in engaging its audiences by way of comic strips a-la Happy Tree Friends fused with Bob’s Burgers’ subtle raunchiness, apart from the usual digital marketing strategies as of later trends (witty, hugot content). Truly, the brand is the junk food-loving, couch potato slacker with a deep affinity for cheeseball comedy personified.

Kalibrr (TW/IG: @kalibrr, Facebook)

Instead of mirroring its distant cousins Jobstreet and JobsDB, Kalibrr took to content and social media marketing to spread the good word of job vacancies, plus a whole load of wisdom you can pick up from your unemployment via Jobs Digest. Most likely, it has taken its inspiration from its foreign siblings LinkedIn and The Muse, with just a little more devotion to budding millennial professionals frequenting on job hunting groups on Facebook. The recruitment company was also featured on the social network’s marketing arm, Facebook Business, for executing an incredible strategy for people to sign up for its service.

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