6 realistic business resolutions for continued success this 2017

A resolution is a choice with the purpose of establishing a positive change. But resolutions are not only applicable to our personal lives. Small businesses can also make use of small yet impactful adjustments to help you improve your situation in terms of productivity or expansion.

Thankfully, there are a lot of changes you can make all year round. Making conscious decisions is easy, yet, quite frankly, it’s meaningless when you don’t have any specific process outlined to accomplish them.

Here are six realistic resolutions you should stick to this year:

Set realistic goals and priorities.

Let’s face it, setting goals is easier said than done, and most of the time, we come up with goals that only lead to frustration. While it’s always good to have a vision than nothing at all, it’s still more important to be proactive than be reactive about it. For starters, you can make do with your existing goals by simplifying them into feasible ones. Remember, listing down your goals is just the initial step to achievement.

Prioritize business planning with your co-workers.

Business planning is essential if you want to grow your business. In fact, it should be done at least once a week instead of yearly or quarterly. To include business planning as a part of your weekly agenda will teach you new things. It can even lead you to new directions you can look forward to. Overall, it’s the absolute stock review of your past actions that can help you avoid mistakes (and unnecessary costs), bridge gaps and be on track of your business objectives.

Be a better communicator.

Strained communication can cost you money, time or even an employee just to do things up your alley. But as with all relationships, including entrepreneurial relations, effective communication is always the key in resolving issues and misunderstandings affecting the flow of your business. Practicing empathy enables you to understand your employees better. It can also make you more appealing as a leader who’s willing to take time to listen to people you believe that can help your business grow.

Making conscious decisions is easy, yet, quite frankly, it’s meaningless when you don’t have any specific process outlined to accomplish them.

Better, greater digital presence.

Communications expert Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “The medium is the message” and nobody has said it better since. The same could be said about businesses amidst the rise of online marketing considering that a staggering digital presence makes the business nowadays. To keep it short, your business doesn’t exist if it’s not on the web. What one change you can make for your business to reach its first (or next) digital milestone is to invest more in content creation. Because as far as digital marketing goes, great business opportunities can be found on social media.

Delegation and strict time limits are keys to maximum productivity.

One of the growing frustrations in maintaining a business is a lack of focus, causing you to procrastinate tasks and getting back on track . Such is the common scenario in small businesses, whether it’s in retail or a startup, the developmental stages of a business can either strike success or failure in the long run. While a lax, spacious and free-thinking environment invites a creative flow of ideas, it’s useful to establish your own systematic measures. It will make things easier to accomplish, even more so if you’re going to sort your tasks into meaningful categories according to your liking, whether it be feasibility, time commitment required, financial impact or desirability.

Don’t settle with what’s not working for you.

For some of us, not all of our choices are absolute to make things work. If a tactic, strategy or business deal is reaping more damage than good, it’s best to stop and move on. Don’t waste your energy trying to make the impossible happen. Something better is always on its way.

Then, what’s next? It’s time to create your actionable resolution plan that focuses on your goals. And more importantly, regardless of the path you take, all you have to do is just get started.

Photo by Kelly Jean at StockSnap.io